Vicki Blair, M.A.

My education began in the social sciences with sociology and later earning my masters in transpersonal psychology. Even though I’ve spent most of my career in technology fields, my personal interests lean toward spiritual and human development.

  • Information Technology and Cloud Hosting Services program manager

  • Home and office organizing specialist

  • Into Pilates, physical fitness and healthy living

  • Certified Feng Shui Consultant & dabbler in interior design

  • Certificate in transformational life coaching

  • Tarot and wine obsessed newbie

  • Non Violent Communication practitioner

  • Co-host of a metaphysical & spiritual group

  • Meditating and studying various spiritual traditions since 1995

  • Completed A Course in Miracles curriculum in June 2014

    • Facilitate an ACIM biweekly study group

  • Member of the Gangaji sangha (spiritual community)

  • All around non-dualist hippy chick who likes to live free of suffering and help others do the same!

Are you ready for meaningful change?