Wake up Sleepyhead

Time to wake up, Sleepyhead!

You’ve been dreaming for quite some time now

chasing after precious treasures,

running from monsters,

upturning one rock after another

always looking for something.

You have searched long and hard for that something.

And yet, my darling, here you are, empty-handed…

or so you think.

Listen to the whisper in your ear, sweet child

It says “wake up sleepyhead!

Here is the one stone you’ve yet to turn over.

You needn’t travel anywhere, for it is closer than your own breath.

You needn’t do anything to turn it over, for it can’t be grasped by muscle.

No complex strategy is needed, for it is beyond thought.”

Oh, the whisper courts you tenderly, waiting patiently to fill your deepest yearning.

Will you answer?

Will you fall forever into the silence of that whisper,

that you may deeply embrace what you’ve always longed for?

Do not deny yourself by lingering another moment in this dream!

Wake up, Sleepyhead, and rejoice in finding your love has never abandoned you .

POETRYVicki BlairComment