My 10 Favorite Health Habits

I don’t always follows these health habits, but they are my favorites because when I do follow them, my body is super happy! The obvious caveat here is that you should consult your physician or other professional on the topic of nutrition before you make any substantial changes to your diet or lifestyle. I acknowledge that what’s healthy for me will not necessarily work for others.

  1. Start the day with some lemon water before consuming anything else.

    • Lemon water is supposedly alkalizing. Whether or not it has that kind of effect, I have no idea. I just like the way it feels to start my day with something that isn’t coffee or a carb and lemon water feels light and revitalizing.

  2. Drink plenty of water (usually 8-12 glasses per day is recommended by experts).

    • Hint: If you feel thirsty, you probably aren’t consuming enough water.

    • Tip: Keep filled water bottles in all the areas you spend the most time (bedroom, office, car, living room, kitchen, etc.).

  3. Exercise or move daily. It doesn’t have to be a major workout. But doing a few push-ups and crunches and stretching for just 10 or 15 minutes has a bigger long-term impact that you might think.

  4. Meditate daily. Even just a 10-minute timeout to sit and quiet the mind is incredible not just for the mind but also for the body.

  5. Tell your body you love it, just the way it is. Look in the mirror and really send your body love, gratitude and appreciation. The body will positively glow with all that yummy energy you send it!

  6. Avoid chemicals, fake sugars, flavorings, and ingredients that are unpronounceable.

  7. Reduce sugar, alcohol, dairy, coffee (especially if loaded with extras) and simple carbs as much as possible. Every body is different, but for me, these substances are best in very low or infrequent quantities.

  8. Refrain from overeating. This can be tough but I know my body absolutely hates it when I eat too much. You have to be willing stop eating before you actually think you want to stop eating and before you actually feel full. It often requires resisting a short period during which you still feel or think you are hungry.

  9. Make sure one meal a day is a salad and/or that you get leafy greens and fresh veggies in your diet.

  10. Try an occasional fast Not everyone can fast and not all fasts are healthy for all bodies. You’ll need to consult a physician, nutritionist, etc. I sometimes like to do a juice “fast” but I will do a day or half-day water fast sometimes. I personally experience it as a great ‘reset’ button for my body.

Wishing us all happy and healthy bodies!