Welcome to AwareBeing.com. This domain has undergone many website iterations and has taken an hiatus now and then over the last 15 years or so. But here it is. Here I am. Still here, this time with a realization of what I really want this site to be all about. Maybe what I’ve always truly wanted it to be about. Welcome.

Do what you love in service to others who love what you do

I love this quote. I don’t recall what book or author it came from. A CEO who I worked for had passed it along to me. A wise and authentic way to engage in the world. Whether in my full time career in IT/cloud hosting, or when I’m leading a Meetup event, or hanging out with friends, or engaged with my dog, or sitting on a meditation cushion… if I am doing what I love - if I am doing with love - there is a natural balance that occurs.

My heart is full of joy even when I rely on old self-protective strategies. My peace is overflowing, even in moments of agitation. My path is meandering perfectly. Yet toward what, I’ve no idea.

So welcome! What I place here on this site will, to the best of my ability, always come from a place of truth. Sometimes it may be straight from my heart to yours; and truth will be intuited. Sometimes it may be just be opinion; and I will be honest about that. And other times, what I write may come from a place of pain; I will tell the truth about that, too.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for taking this journey as a human life form with me. Thank you for doing your best (and you are always doing your best). In deepest gratitude and appreciation, thank you and welcome.


Vicki Blair