ACIM - Psychotherapy Process

In my last post on the Psychotherapy supplement to A Course in Miracles, I covered purpose and began to highlight some concepts around process. The supplement then dives into the process of illness. Remember, that according to the Course, all illness is mental illness. And an illness, then, is a false view of self, others and the world.

Further, illness has no levels or degrees. That is merely another way to try to make illusions real. If forgiveness has been truly offered and love truly understood, there would be no illness. The patient will defend his self-concept and the therapist holds a great responsibility to meet the patient’s defense and attack wholly without his or her own defensiveness. Lay down all burden of guilt and view the body correctly - as a vehicle for communication and not as the self.

Healing comes when fear is relinquished and there is no further need to control (or attempt to control) life or what is unknown. The process of healing is an opening of the mind to realize that what is given and what is received are all from the same Source. It is as much a gift to ask for help as it is to offer it. Then, we can see the one True Self shining in the face of the other and recognize it as our own. You are never calling out to or answering anyone that is not This.

The process of therapy is meant for the patient to choose to hear his/her own stories about reality and to question their validity. The therapist, then, is to see in the patient what he/she has not forgiven in herself and encourage the process of reevaluation and forgiveness. Whether this is verbalized or not, forgiveness is what heals. It is not the therapist that does this, it is the True Self that speaks through him or her.

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Saying Buh Bye to Living Like a Victim

ACIM - Psychotherapy Purpose