ACIM - Psychotherapy Purpose

Psychotherapy: Purpose, process and practice was a supplemental guide to the A Course in Miracles text, workbook and manual. It begins: “Psychotherapy is the only form of therapy there is. Since only the mind can be sick, only the mind can be healed.”

There may be many therapies and healing modalities, possibly even life coaching, that would fall within the category of psychotherapy in that they are intended to help us open our minds and question what it is we refer to as reality.

Whether you are in apparent position of therapist or patient, the relationship is one in which, according to the Course, we are learning to remove the veil that covers our eyes from seeing the truth of who we are. If peace of mind is absent and suffering is the experience instead, it can be sure that we have a false sense of self, others and the world. For no true seeing can result in suffering.

Do you attack or judge yourself or others? Do you hide behind a well-rehearsed story of victimhood? Do you stand in constant defense of your self or your rightness? Are you merely vacillating between emotions of anger and those of dejection, all the while trying desperately to garner some control over the future or escape guilt and remorse for the past?

If you are willing, even for the tiniest of moments, to set aside your current self-concept, you open the door to a truth you may have not as of yet experienced directly. A small glimpse is all it takes to suddenly be aware, no matter how minutely, that the truth of you is what has always been, what is all that is now, and what will always be. When that glimpse begins to break apart falsely perceived self-concepts, a great joy and peace seeps in.

Yet, our ability to resist what is True and cling to our projections of a fearful and sick world are strong and suffering will return again and again until the heart is finally, gloriously shattered into a million pieces and then uses true vision to see all living beings as One. Hold this firmly in the mind “All blocks to the remembrance of God [i.e. the Truth] are forms of unforgiveness, and nothing else.”

So therapist and patient, enter communion with one another sharing the goal of healing, which will be offered to both in whatever means is most appropriate. Know that the answer has already been given and that forgiveness is the path forward. You must decide to what extent, if at all, you will use your inherent potential to transcend all limitations.

In gratitude,

ACIM - Psychotherapy Process