Wake Up Sleepyhead

Time to wake up, Sleepyhead!

You’ve been dreaming for quite some time now.
You’ve been chasing after precious treasures,
You’ve been running from monster after monster,
You’ve upturned rock upon rock, looking for that one thing.

You have searched long and hard for that one thing.
What will bring you eternal happiness.
And yet, you’ve turned up empty-handed.

I see the deep sadness in your eyes, sweet darling.

I bring news to gladden your heart…
I’m here to tell you how easy it is for your dearest desire to be fulfilled.
Wake up sleepyhead!

This was the only stone you’ve yet to turn over.
Wake up and see that you are here,
You are everywhere,
You need no treasures other than this,
You have no monsters in hot pursuit.

The joy you seek sits right here, beside you,
waiting patiently for you to awaken,
that you may gaze deeply into each other’s eyes forever more.

Wake up, Sleepyhead!

Saying Buh Bye to Living Like a Victim