who is Vicki blair?

What a fabulous question! I ask myself that question all the time. Well, more specifically I ask ‘Who am I?’ But we’ll get around to that in some blog conversations.

As for who this personality is, that is still unfolding. But I have some background and ways that I choose to show up in the world that might be of interest. So I include that here. It really lends nothing to what I have to share on the site, though. That can only be informed by your own inner wisdom. Take what is of use and pass on the rest!

My formal education includes a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, professional training in Transformational Life Coaching, a certification in Feng Shui from the Blue Mountain Institute, and a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), among other various personal and professional trainings over the last 30 years.

I enjoy my full time career as a Program Manager in the healthcare IT and cloud hosting biz. Even though I’ve spent most of my career in technology fields, my personal time tends to be focused on spiritual and human development. My hobbies and interests include meditation, facilitating deep conversations about life-the universe-and everything, Tarot, building helpful habits, Non Violent Communication, plus hiking and nature.

Oh, and I’m a total nerd about home organizing and power tools. I also love to be healthy with Pilates being my go-to fitness activity, though I’m also fond of belly dancing and the aerial arts.

I completed A Course in Miracles curriculum in June 2014. I’m a member of the Gangaji sangha (spiritual community) and try to attend as many retreats as possible.

Current motto: “Life’s too short to have shitty habits!”

Current motto: “Life’s too short to have shitty habits!”