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Let’s face it, suffering sucks. We all know pain and hurt is part of life, but not everyone has discovered that, as the Buddha said, suffering is optional. Go to any life coach or self-help book worth their salt and you’ll start uncovering just how intricate and extensive your mind’s strategies are for suffering. Seems inconceivable and crazy that you’d be causing your own misery? Well, yeah, because the ego actually IS bat shit crazy! The question is, are you ready and willing to let go of your addiction to drama, check your bullshit at the door and embrace inner peace, deep joy, and true wisdom? I sure as heck am!

I invite you to join me as I continue exploring the endless depths of self-awareness. There are amazing guides and teachings surrounding us that can move us in the direction of a life that is quite profound, joyous and peaceful. Check out the resources, feng shui your computer, join a Tipsy Tarot event, release a few inner demons, and explore what empowers you to really make every moment count. Let’s once and for all stop secretly resenting the world and others when we don’t get our way and start letting our natural birthright of true happiness and abundance be realized. I’m pretty sure we’ll all be way happier ;-)



I have been gathering a collection of recommended movies, books, podcasts, websites, and tools over the years. They cover spiritual, occult and esoteric teachings, self-help/psychology, metaphysics, feng shui, and more. Though I don’t have firsthand experience with all of this content, I appreciate the people who shared them with me and offer them here in case they resonate with you.

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I know it’s possible for you to wake up to the glorious truth of who you are right this moment and never suffer another day of your beautiful life. Until that moment, perhaps you’re like me and you like to experiment with exercises that chip away at what’s keeping you feeling stuck or believing your life isn’t perfectly satisfying to you. Have fun with these gems I’ve accumulated or created over the years!

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My life hasn’t been perfect. I’ve wasted shit tons of time with my ego doing a really lame job of leading my life. Letting me obsess and suffer needlessly for countless hours, days, and years on end. This blog will have my reflections about A Course in Miracles (ACIM) in addition to honest, open, exploratory dialog. When we offer ourselves this way, we create a beautiful shared space to heal and grow, together.

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My Practice

I live in Vancouver, WA. It's a suburban city near Portland where we are surrounded by beauty and interesting people exploring life's vast opportunities. My practice is about awareness, being present, and generally trying to find the calm within the chaos.


If you want to change the outcomes you are experiencing, change your perceptions of how things are

— Vick, your humble guide and partner in making awesome happen

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Being of Service

A former CEO I worked for quoted to me "do what you love in service to others who love what you do." What gracious and wise words! Getting out of my ego and "following my bliss" as Joseph Campbell said, is a privilege and honor. If that leads to people loving what I do, I take it as a sign that I'm doing higher work.