Program Manager, Transformation Coach,
Facilitator, Pro Organizer


I “be” to the best of my ability, moving through life doing what I am naturally skilled at and feel drawn to do. Mostly that means assisting people and companies to get organized and have conversations that generate more harmony, balance, productivity and peace. I’m the go to girl if you want a little less chaos and a little more tranquility in your life!



Program management is my day job. On the side I also love to assist people who want life to feel a little less messy - at least in the areas where messy just isn’t serving you. That might be best tackled with one on one life coaching, paperwork management sessions, or workshops that teach you computer feng shui.

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What’s it all mean?

Not sure what feng shui, transformational coaching, program management, facilitation, or professional organizing are? You are probably not alone! Therefore, I have a handy little FAQ page to help clear it all up.

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ACIM & Reflective Conversations

Through dialog - really honest, open, exploratory dialog - we change, grow and evolve. And when that happens, the world changes, grows and evolves. Studying A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is about creating Heaven on Earth; it’s about choosing to listen to the Voice of Truth rather than fear, anger, dejection, regret, or anxiety.

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My Practice

I live in Vancouver, WA. It's a suburban city near Portland where we are surrounded by beauty and interesting people exploring life's vast opportunities. My practice is about awareness, being present, and generally trying to find the calm within the chaos.


Take the stress out of paperwork, organizing, computer chaos, and life management. Make space for you to just go do you. Feel less overwhelmed and more alive!

— Vick, your humble guide and partner in making awesome happen

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Being of Service

A former CEO I worked for quoted to me "do what you love in service to others who love what you do." What gracious and wise words! Getting out of my ego and "following my bliss" as Joseph Campbell said, is a privilege and honor. If that leads to people loving what I do, I take it as a sign that I'm doing higher work.